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Office Field Trip.



Office Field Trip is an artist-designer lifestyle collective which experiments on blending the act of living with working, a day trip with a mindset of rigorous yet playful research expedition. It’s where friends meet up and embark on a journey to interrogate the shifting human practices in cities, to produce knowledge and design future artifacts that speculate on plausible futures that could impact how we humans co-exist together and with cities. Founded by a group of Thai architects and designers from Stanford d.school, Pratt Institute GAUD, Columbia GSAPP, School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design. OFT seeks to design and inspire a new collaboration model for taking things we love doing in a city seriously, critically and constructively. Come along and follow our journey on our current field trip to Red Hook, New York.


Our Approaches

The key to our collaboration is the diversity in our individual practices, mediums, perspectives, research and design methodologies. We interrogate every facet of human practice in cities through a diversity of mediums and methods be it, design thinking, expert-based methodologies such as ethnographic fieldwork, interviews, and road-mapping. Explore evidence-based techniques that use data and analysis to participatory-based approaches from co-prototyping, scenario workshop, user-testing, to creative activities that use science-fiction approach, gaming, and simulation.

Central to these methods is the creation of hypothetical future artifacts ranging from future props, immersive micro worlds and any other provocative-imagination facilitating representation, and their deployment in familiar contexts such as public parks, city sidewalks, vending machines, apartments, and warehouses. With this work, the studio is exploring new territories for democratized futures by rapidly questioning, imagining, prototyping, deploying and evaluating visions of possible futures on an extended time scale.


Our Goals


Facilitator of constructive conversations.


Expand the "Design" potential.


Grow personally and professionally.


Have fun!


“OFT believes design is a vehicle to learn from the past, live in the present, and shape the future.”


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“Let's take on this journey together.”

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