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Why Red Hook ?

why not west village or jersey city or astoria or williamsburg?

Red Hook - Erie Basin, once known as “The busiest place in the Port of New York”, is a large man-made protected harbor near the southern point of Brooklyn. Once a prosperous and flourished "hoek" (Dutch word for "point"), was deserted and neglected for many decades and is currently becoming a highly speculated locale of numerous monopolies. It is filled with civil-war era warehouses, industrialized parklands, shipping centers, dry docks, derelict piers, highly skilled artisan workshops and Formula E (electric car) race course, a place known mostly for IKEA, a hidden gem that is familiar yet so unfamiliar. Red Hook has been described as 'a blank canvas' by real estate developers, interested them in changing the perception of the area, a fetishism / romanticism dream towards derelict spaces, an untapped potential of 'what ifs'. Yet it's a bittersweet dream as there are mixed emotions toward this gentrification. The red clay soil peninsula hooked our curiosities which led us to explore the many reasons behind these shifts.


Design Fiction

Design Fiction is the construction of a narrative—a movie, animation, written story, presentation or installation—to immerse an audience in an experience that provokes emotional and intellectual responses. It is the generation of ideas that are not yet possible to provoke a dialogue about what could or should be possible.

How might we speculate and design new lifestyle (human practices) concepts for the people of Red Hook in order to solicit constructive discussions surrounding the potential futures of the neighborhood?


OFT Fictions : Red Hook Edition


Stay tuned, full stories coming soon!